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About us

A part of Sabis

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa falls under Sabis AB, a Stockholm-based family company founded in 1874. Enjoying a long heritage and tradition of quality and service, Sabis has a unique position within food and hospitality industry. Today, Sabis operates 20 restaurants, 10 cafés, three hotels and six grocery stores.

Sabis’ Customer Promise

The customer should always experience the following: You should always feel seen and welcome. You should always feel like you have confidence in us. You should always feel like we bring you joy.   

“Sabis’ vision is to create Sweden’s best customer experiences within food and meetings”

A family company

Madeleine & Caroline

Sabis AB is today run by sisters
Caroline Cederblad, Chairwoman
and Madeleine Brehmer, CEO.


The history of Sabis

A sprightly 145-year-old

Sabis (Slagteriaktiebolaget in Stockholm) was founded in 1874, then operating a charcuterie factory and a collection of butcher shops across Stockholm.